The Broken Man in the Mirror

One Part Jekyll and One Part Hyde

Jack Bauer
18 February 1966
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Former federal agent. Former Chinese prisoner. Estranged father. Estranged lover.


Unique Physical Characteristics: The only thing that other patrons can see are the extensive chemical burn scars on the back of his right hand. He has many other scars from his time as a political prisoner in China, but those are always covered by long sleeves and pants when other people are around, unless mentioned otherwise.

Jack comes into the bar from after Season 6 of 24 and the 24: Debrief mobisodes.

This journal is being used for roleplaying in milliways_bar, and no money is being made off of it. Jack Bauer and the situations of the television show 24 are the property of Fox and Real Time Productions. Jack is being played by kcountess.

Title and subtitle from the Dallas Crane song "Numb All Over".